Capstone – Week 6 Retrospective

Not much happened in Week 6, unfortuately (at least in terms of programming). Alexis made great progress with the art, so I wasn’t worried about that at all. Eva was sick for most of the week, so it was difficult to meet as a team during this time.

Meanwhile, the programming team was held back by having not integrated the networking into the current build sooner. While the networking example tutorial by Unity made networking seem quite easy in Unity, the systems in our game made it a bit more complicated. So, we only truly begin integrating the networking in on Monday, October 10, the first day of Week 7 (I’ll discuss the networking issues more in the Week 7 post). We have definitely made progress since then, but I feel like we are still behind. I feel like the current position we are in right now (in terms of programming) would be a good position to be in if we were here, like, maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago. I kind of felt like I was stuck during Week 6, since we didn’t have the networking integrated in the current build, and I didn’t want to add anything if it would be radically modified when we would have to network it. But, anyway, that’s what happened in Week 6.

-“David Hartman”



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