Capstone – week 12 retrospective

wow week 12

This week involved a lot of work.

environmental traps

I added the functionality for environmental traps – traps which you don’t place, but rather just exist in the level and you can purchase them if you see fit. After adding the ability to select an environmental trap using a raycast (I added some logic to the pre-exisiting raycast-handling function in SnapToGrid), I added a large arrow that appears if you are selecting an environmental trap.



Yeah I also implemented the new simplified best-of-3 round mechanic. So now, whoever wins 2-out-of-3 rounds, wins the whole set. This involved adding some logic in the GameManager.

more art

Alexis finished the environment art and added it to the build. Also, I finished adding Alexis’ trap art to the build.

ooo looks good

the final days

We met and worked through the night several days during the weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Sunday we worked on ironing out a bunch of stuff. Eva got us coffee and we had an intense work session throughout the afternoon. But then, something broke in the build as we were trying to add control screens and more UI, and we had to revert several things. After going to a dry run of the presentation (where we got some harsh feedback) we returned to the lab to work into the night and fix things. At this point, we were out of coffee.

After this all-nighter from Sunday-Monday, Alexis bought a cold coffee and I bought some juice, then we went to our actual Capstone class (8am Monday yay). After presenting our revised presentation and barely staying awake through the rest of our class, we went home. I managed to get 2 or 3 hours of sleep before waking up to shower and get dinner before the presentations.

The presentations were fairly stressful. The teams presented in a random order. We ended up presenting like third to last or something.

the end

I spent most of Tuesday trying to fix things before our Demo Night slot. We needed those controls screens in, which I managed to accomplish, then I added the win screens for each team, and fixed the background music.

postmortem to follow, it’s over

here’s a teaser trailer I made sometime during week 12:

-“David Hartman”


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