The experience of Capstone last semester was certainly interesting. 26Fe had its ups and downs, and we ended up making a lot of progress towards the end of last semester, but still falling short. But now, I’m back with a new team, many of whom I’ve worked with before and share creative similarities with. It’s quite exciting.

I look forward to working with this new team this semester. For the programming team, our first task is to clean up the folder structure for all the scripts and make sure the workflow (particularly scene workflow) and the pipelines are working properly. Then, we can focus on making the interactions more modular so we can make a plethora of cool moments.

I like to make “unusual” games. Whatever that means. It’s an ever-elusive concept, in many ways. Here’s a few words I have written down to try and translate into my side projects: bird noises, ingenue, phone calls, slow zoom, hollow, mask, fever dream, melancholy, inflammation, quarantine, fibrous, insomnia. Not sure if that conveys some of what I’m something of the things I’m trying to instill into my games, but I thought I’d throw them out there anyway.

At one point last year, when asked what kind of games I want to work on in the future, I said something that amounted to “I just want to work on something really weird.”

Sorry this post is so short. Once development actually begins, I’ll have a lot more to talk about.

-wednesday-david hartman



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