This past week, we cleaned up the repo – so now we can actually start working on the game. Also, during this past weekend I made a strange, obtuse game for the Global Game Jam.

As we’ve been brainstorming and talking over this past week, it seems like I’m leaning towards the prospect of working on the mountain/forest area.

A while ago I saw a trailer for this stop-motion film, Blood Tea and Red String. The film looked really interesting and I was especially intrigued when I discovered that it was made almost single-handedly by one person (over the course of 13 years). I finally ended up buying and watching the DVD a month or two ago. A few days ago I shared the trailer with everyone; even though the tone is quite a bit darker than Ponds, I still thought it had some similarities. Additionally, I thought that we could perhaps glean some inspiration from the film. Notably, the film manages to strike a good balance of whimsical and eerie. The film has no dialogue (aside from animal noises), and along with the droning music (flute/piccolo/pan flute?), it manages builds a trance-like atmosphere. Even though it can get dark, Blood Tea is never outright scary to watch (at least for me, that is; kinda interesting, since I’ve gotten spooked from watching stop-motion/animated films that were not meant to be scary, like A Grand Day Out). As it turns out, Levi was already considering including some darker elements in the mountain/forest area.

Anyway, I took a bit of time to try and make a very basic interaction just to learn the process a bit. I assembled a basic lever interaction using one of the mushroom models. After that, I did a bit of research into making basic vertex shaders, and ended up with this little wavy effect, which could be used on a ghost character or something:ghost.gif

The programming team also decided to test out Unity Collaborate, a beta Unity feature that allows multiple people to work on a Unity scene at once, without (in theory) the usual problems that arise when trying to merge changes made by multiple people in the same scene. I think it’s safe to say our testing was a success:



-wednesday-david hartman


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