This week I primarily focused on getting the magic window ready for testing.

First thing I had to change was that rotation mechanism. The placeholder was just a flat disc on a pedestal with a handle. I ended up changing it to a two-handed valve.

Then, I set up a test interaction.


As can be seen above, I set up and tested the logistics of a basic “pressure plate” interaction, where the player would have to pick up a ball (in the window realm) and pull it out of the window to drop it on a pressure plate.

However, through further talks with Levi, I was reminded of one of the primary design pillars of the interactions – that they have discrete states. So, we decided to have the window snap to right angles, rather than what is seen in the above gif (where you can freely rotate the window).

The next step was to package up the window so it would be ready for QA. The plan was to create a desert “playground” scene with some of Alexis’ desert art, and then to set up the magic window and a few toy interactions within the scene.

the desert ruins, and the window within

It took a bit of work to get everything working again, but now we’ve got a nice lil desert scene with the magic window, ready for testing. Currently, the only thing you can interact with in the window realm are     a few spheres    that can be picked up, and will fall to the ground (and bounce) when dropped.


Another thing I did this week: I made a ghost shader. This will be used for ghosts in the desert. These ghosts will be visible from far away, but will disappear if the player approaches them.

This is accomplished by first calculating the world position of each fragment in the fragment shader, then finding the distance between each fragment and the player, then setting the alpha based on this distance.




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