We made a lot of progress this week, especially on the core path.

The first thing I did was make a rough prototype of a telescope interaction with the Bird Cyclist. This bird will appear somewhere along the mountain path as you ascend the mountain, pedaling furiously, and you have a chat. Later on, you can look through a telescope and see them cycling in the distance.


I transitioned back to the Desert for a bit to make its core path roughly complete. To do this, I added a placeholder door interaction and transition to the Tunnel.tunnel.gifIf the player walks to the end of the Tunnel, they will be teleported to the lightmill on top of the Mountain.


Levi mentioned we needed a pause menu;

so, I made a pause menupause3.gifAfter that, I worked on a mountain interaction/sequence: the Loggman interaction. This character is a grumpy log that tripped and fell over while walking on the mountain path, and you must upright them to unblock the mountain path so you can continue.



Since the Desert building is now a clock tower, Alexis had the idea to have the player travel up to the main clock room by riding on one of the clock weights (aka the things that power grandfather clocks via gravity). I implemented a basic version of this in a similar manner to how Eric made the elevator for the Mountain.

[Chain Driven Clocks]




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