Trolley problem

As we continue on, I’ve been finishing up the desert interactions.

Firstly, I had to make some adjustments to the drive chain interaction. We decided that it didn’t make much sense for the player to sit down whilst in the interaction, so I got rid of that. The reason I had the player sit (and disabled the player’s movement) during the interaction was to prevent them from walking around in midair if they exited the interaction between floors (since they wouldn’t be connected to the NavMesh between floors). Since we got rid of the sit, we decided it would be cleaner to also remove the option to exit the interaction until it was finished. So, now the player cannot exit the interaction until they reach the second floor or return to the first.

I also made it so that the player hoists actually hoists the drive chain weight above the second floor before the cutscene plays, so that they can visualize the transition more. Now, it’s less jarring.


Next, I worked on the one desert interaction that hadn’t been made yet – the railroad switch. This interaction is based on the classic “trolley problem” thought experiment.

In the desert, the player finds a train buried in the sand. Nearby is a small section of railroad tracks, and a railroad switch where the track splits into two. Next to the switch is a lever. If the player pulls the lever, the switch mechanism activates, and a short cutscene plays involving the Desert Ghost.




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