Beginning of the end

It’s the beginning of the end; we have a lot of work to do.

Starting off the week, we knew that the gear interaction was too complicated. So, I implemented Levi’s design for a more concise, simpler version of the interaction. This version consists only of rotating a large gear opposite from the Door Gear, then opening the door to the tunnel on the Door Gear.

After getting some inspiration from the concept of a socket wrench, I decided to adjust the gear rotation mechanism, and it ended up feeling a lot better.


Next, I shifted my focus on the transition to nighttime. I began working on the Sunset Interaction, which is initiated at the end of the Tunnel and transitions the game to the night state. First, I investigated having the player scrub through an image sequence of real-life footage of a sunset.

But, we realized it would be difficult to get good footage for this interaction. So, we decided to make a mini diorama of the Mountaintop, and have the sunset interaction take place there.


As we began making the final push for beta, I improved the Loggman exit sequence, by adding a NavMeshAgent to the Loggman so that he can properly walk away from the player. It needs some tweaks, but it’s getting there.


After that, I worked finishing up the Tunnel Interaction. I created a script that both fades the player out and fades in a full-screen video as the player gets closer to the end of the tunnel. Once they reach the end, it transitions into the sunset interaction.

Lastly, I added a placeholder billboarded screenshot of the model for Falter, the final NPC in the game, as well as a placeholder dialogue sequence and cutscene.

We are behind, we have a lot of work to do, but we can do it. It will be a rough journey, but I have faith our team, and I think we can do it.